Strix Dental Microscope


"You can only try what you can see."

With the  Dentools Strix microscope you will be able to observe very small anatomical details even in almost inaccessible cavities thanks to the wide magnification range that reaches up to 30x magnification and in that way implement your skills with accuracy and efficiency.

You will not miss any detail, and the diagnosis, prognosis and treatments will be more predictable and more satisfied patients.


  • Its design helps to avoid back pain by adopting an optimal ergonomic position.
  • Flexible, versatile and very easy to handle, the microscope has a wide range of movements in its arms that adapt to any working position with great stability and precision.
  • It also has different mounting options according to the available space, wall mount, fixed to floor or mobile floor.
Dentools_mic 04



More vivid images and colors of the visual field.


Can be configured with your own smartphone.


Customize your microscope with your name or that of your office.


More vivid images and colors of the visual field thanks to the powerful fully soundproof LED system that provides uniform illumination.

The MSA version has color filters that can be modified according to the type of treatment being performed, orange prevents hardening of composite materials, green improves the visual field in conditions of heavy bleeding.

Microfotografía de ápice radicular a 7.5x con microscopio Strix MSA
Captura de Pantalla 2019-07-04 a la(s) 7.23.26 p. m.


The microscope can be configured with a video camera or with your own smartphone to see the procedures in real time on an external screen or TV. You can also have high-definition records of all clinical cases that you can share with colleagues and patients, or upload to the medical records database.

Dentools_mic 08
Dentools_mic 05


You can customize your microscope with your name or that of your office or clinic. Totally indelible and unique.

You can choose the position of the brand, in the center, right or left of the arm of the microscope.

Dental applications

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