Kepler Binocular Loupe FD-501K

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Binocular loupes are ideal for the general and specialist dentist who demand great eye effort and visualization of small details. Its use provides benefits in occupational safety and health, improves the professional ergonomic posture because you should not get as close to see better, keeping your back straight and exerting less pressure on the head and neck muscles.

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Kepler Binocular Loupe FD-501K

Available in 4x, and 6x magnifications

Optic Technology

Precision kepler optical system consisting of multi-coated lenses.

Independent Adjustment

Distance and angle of lens tube can be adjusted independently.

Splash Proof Frame

Frame can protect splash during the operation.

Combine with Lights

Work in combination with KD-200 series head lights.
Lupa binocular kepler
Lupa kepler
Marco Lupa binocular

Additional information


4X, 6X

Distancia de trabajo


Campo de visión


Profundidad de campo


Número de lentes


Distancia interpupilar

55- 65mm

Ángulo de los binoculares

+/- 5º